15-year-old girl beaten up, school to decide if students will be permanently suspended

15-year-old girl beaten up, school to decide if students will be permanently suspended

In the middle of all these blows, she suffered a major kick to the head. She suffered various contusions, is covered with bruises and above all, is in a state of shock. This 15-year-old Dutch girl has been living in Arendonk for years. In the past, she would have been the victim of death threats and found herself in the middle of conflicts, but she has now been the victim of physical violence.

Not a first in this school

No teacher was warned of the scene that was playing out and therefore did not intervene to put an end to the girl’s ordeal. The facts would have taken place this Tuesday, June 21 and the police were informed of the situation.

Facts of bullying have already been covered by the school. However, the video having gone viral, the disciplinary bodies decided to act. The young people concerned by the facts have been temporarily suspended, pending an appropriate sanction being decided.


Asked by the Nieuwsblad, the school principal said she was very shocked by the images. “In the six years that I have been director, I have never experienced anything like this. It’s shocking to see. Bullying happens in all schools, we have to admit it. But this behavior is by no means unique to our school. On the contrary: we have a well-developed anti-bullying policy, our own school psychologist and a lot of extra support,” she says.

Suspended as a preventive measure since Tuesday, the students concerned could be permanently suspended. “After ten days of preventive suspension, we will hold a disciplinary class council on June 30, the last day of the school year, to decide whether they will also be permanently suspended. About the victim: we look at what is necessary for their recovery and what we can do for them, in whatever form,” adds the director.


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