5 profiles of people who should never drink it

Coca-Cola zero, Pepsi Max, 7up Free, Schweppes Zero, Fanta without sugar… Who has never bought one or the other of these drinks? For many years now, the diet soda take pride of place on supermarket shelves. And for good reason: they largely find their audience! According to a report by Grand View Research, the global market size of so-called “diet” carbonated drinks is expected to reach $5.2 billion by 2025.

Yet, despite their “zero calorie” promise, diet sodas should not be part of your daily diet. And especially if you suffer from certain diseases. A recent article from the American media Eatthis.com lists the profiles of people who should never drink diet soda, at the risk of aggravating their health problems. We list them below, in pictures.

Light drinks and their sweeteners, dangerous for health

In general, and even if you are in good health, it is better to avoid consuming these drinks as much as possible. Indeed, several studies have highlighted their harms. The fault lies partly with the synthetic sweeteners they contain, which allow them to have a sweet taste… without sugar.

Thus, a study published last year in theInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences showed that sweeteners could cause bacteria naturally present in our intestines to become pathogenic. These could then cause damage to the intestinal wall. And that’s not the only danger of these sodas. Due to their acidity, they may also damage tooth enamel and contribute to dental erosion, according to a study published in 2021 in the JDR Clinical and Translational Research. Still other work has shown that these sodas can cause headachepromote bone loss, or have harmful effects on blood sugar and the heart.

Diet sodas can make you fat!

Do you think that despite their health dangers, diet drinks at least have the advantage of not making you gain weight? Think again ! On the contrary, due to their sweet taste, they tend to increase the craving for sugar. A study published in the JAMA Network Open also showed that they increase appetitereduce satiety and promote food cravings.

Discover without delay the five profiles that should, even more than the others, give up drinking light sodas.

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