50 years of Watergate: a look back at a “burglary” that rocked American democracy (large format)

It was June 17, the coldest night of June 1972 in Washington DC. This coldness was soon to spread to the heart of American democracy thanks to two journalists from the Washington Post, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward. On June 17, 1972, several men with flashlights were surprised by the police on the fifth floor of one of the six buildings of the prestigious Watergate. This is where the National Democratic Center is located.

The police arrest five men who look more like secret agents than burglars. In reality, the CND is being tapped. It is the beginning of a scandal unprecedented in its consequences and punctuated by lies. It will keep Americans in suspense until the resignation of Richard Nixon to avoid an indictment, the impeachment, in August 1974. It is the one and only time that an American president will resign, pushed in the back by the fourth power, the press.

Fifty years later, RTBF tells you about this scandal which marked the history of the United States and journalism with a red iron. Click here or on the image below to discover our large format.

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