6 candidates of the Apprentis Aventuriers filmed at night stealing food, Laurent Maistret ulcerated

In this Wednesday, June 15 episode of Apprentice AdventurersLaurent Maistret was indignant at the behavior of several candidates after they stole food in the middle of the night.

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The Apprentice Adventurers season 5 puts the contestants to the test. So much so that six participants of the show (except the members of the yellow team) succumbed to temptation by stealing food from the grocery store at night. Obviously, the production of the program realized this and images were filmed thanks to surveillance cameras. What a lot to annoy the TV host Laurent Maistret, in the episode of this Wednesday, June 15.

Of the “penalties which will be very severe”

“The oranges, the blacks, know that I was aware of what you did that night”, he told them, disappointed with the behavior of these teams and won over by a feeling of “shame”. “I warned you. I told you to respect the rules of this adventure”he dropped, specifying: “Last time I said nothing, [là]it will not be the same [chose].” “I totally condemn what you have done, because for me you are thieves”, added Laurent Maistret. “If you are not able to carry out this adventure, it’s very simple: you’ll ring the bell (…) What you’ve done is serious and the penalties will be very severe”said the TV host, warning cheaters that they will “to be very very hungry” and “the rules are the rules”.

A pair that was not on the same wavelength

For its part, the yellow team expressed its astonishment on learning that the other participants went to the food reserves thinking they were not being filmed. “Outraged and disgusted”, Virginie couldn’t help but be indignant. Jessica Thivenin, for her part, got angry with her husband Thibault Garcia, who crossed the line. “Are you happy? Is that what you wanted?” she swung, explaining that she had told him to put the stolen food back, for fear that the cameras were on. Not enough to convince the father of her children, who went to the end of his intention, in particular by giving him chips that she ate, after the fact. “You never listen to me, in fact. There are two of us, we are a pair and you take the risks only for you (…) I want to eliminate him … I can no longer see him”, she reproached him, beside herself.

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