a 2-year-old girl dies in a parking lot, “the garage employee started without realizing that the 1st gear was engaged”

A two-and-a-half-year-old girl was fatally hit by a car on Saturday, June 11 at the end of the morning, rue du Pont-Laverdure, in the Marissel district of Beauvais, as our colleagues from Courrier Picard write.

She was in the parking lot of a garage near the Laverdure skate park at the time of the incident. “
The victim’s mother was present in this garage to put a vehicle up for sale and take into account a loan vehicle,
details Caroline Tharot, public prosecutor of Beauvais. ” It appears from the first elements collected that, when this vehicle was taken into account, a garage employee started off without realizing that the first gear was engaged; the vehicle made a sudden jump and hit the child in front. »

The firefighters intervened and could not prevent the death of the little girl. An investigation into manslaughter by the driver of a vehicle has been opened. “
Given her psychological state, the driver at the time of the events – who was not known to the justice services – was taken to hospital
“, indicates Caroline Tharot.

Saturday afternoon, the accident was still on everyone’s mind. “
We saw the firefighters speed past
says two mothers living on the street. “
2 and a half years is ugly
», Laments one of them, holding her son in her arms.


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