a first trailer for the Netflix thriller series

a first trailer for the Netflix thriller series

The new Netflix series, The night will be longrevealed itself in an agonizing first trailer.

Since the tremendous success of Money Heist, the red N platform multiplies Spanish productions, for better, and sometimes for worse. Of the teenage fiasco Elite to the dramatic thriller, After you, chaosthrough the emancipator The Ladies of the TelephoneNetflix strives to enhance its serial and film catalog a little more each year with original content made in Spain.

Latest project: The night will be long, thriller thriller set behind the menacing walls of a mental prison. On the night of December 24, a brigade armed to the teeth manages to block all means of communication between the prison and the outside in order to apprehend a dangerous serial killer, while the guards are left in the grip of this hostile environment. . On the strength of this starting premise, Netflix has clarified its new series a little more by means ofan anxiety-provoking first trailer.

Directed by director Óscar Pedraza (Sky Rojo), The night will be long seems to live up to its title. The first images thus reveal a sinister digital countdown and quickly state the threat: one night, no way out. This is engaging. The frame divided into four panels simultaneously distributes more information to the spectator than the latter can follow – a probable omen of an eventful action – while simulating, sound effects in support, prison bars intended to lock up the characters .

Confined to places with no hope of leaving, the various protagonists will obviously be undermined throughout the story. Burned, isolated, captured, The night will be long should take up the codes of the camera in order to excessively oppress its protagonists and its audience. As for the famous, long-sought murderer, played by Luis Callejo (The Man of a Thousand Faces, the more the merrier), the latter does not seem exactly ready to be captured easily.

The night will be long: photoSome came prepared

Alongside Luis Callejo, viewers will be able to find, among others, actors and actresses Alberto Ammann, who played Pacho Herrera in the series NarcosSabela Arán, Cecilia Freire from the series velvet and Physics or chemistryLucía Díez, or even Adolfo Fernández, from the series The Red Eagle.

Commissioned for a first season of six episodes, The night will be long should therefore provide adrenaline-inducing entertainment, with explosive action, which will invest the platform’s catalog from July 8, 2022.


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