a passenger was ejected more than 20 meters

Karim Maghraoui, who obtained his driving license in December 2021, was driving a Fiat Panda with two passengers on board, Michaël, born in 1997, and Alexandre, born in 2002. Apart from the victims, there are no direct witnesses of the sheer.

“The Fiat Panda was driving rue de Houtain, in Fexhe-Slins, towards Houtain-Saint-Siméon when, in a narrowing chicane formed by plastic bollards, Karim lost control of the car. The latter would then have rolled on an embankment and hit a curb before rolling off and ending its course, on its side, on the stonework of a private property where a motor home and a Mercedes Vito van were parked. , we explain to the Liège prosecutor’s office.

The Liège public prosecutor’s office sent an automotive expert on site.

►► We know more about the circumstances and causes of the accident: our information.

►► One of the two passengers was ejected more than 20 meters away: the prosecution communicated on his state of health.


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