A Russian corvette violated Danish territorial waters twice

According to the Danish armed forces, the Russian ship first entered Danish waters at 2:30 a.m. north of the island of Christansø, a Danish island located south of Sweden some 300 kilometers from the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

“A few hours later, the same corvette again crossed the territorial waters border, also north of Christansø,” the Danish military said in a statement.

“Following a call from the Navy’s maritime operations unit on the civilian VHF radio, the Russian vessel immediately left Danish territorial waters,” the Army added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs then announced that it had been in discussion with the Russian ambassador while recalling that this incursion took place after a Russian military plane violated the airspace at the end of April.

“Again, Russia is ignoring international rules by not respecting borders. It has been made clear to the Russian ambassador that this kind of action is completely unacceptable,” Foreign Ministry Jeppe Kofod said in a statement. a separate press release.

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