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Adopting a healthy diet can significantly reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. At least that’s what a new study reveals. It was indeed made public at a conference on nutrition. It appears from this study that reducing the consumption of plant and animal foods of poor quality helps prevent this disease.

Increase the consumption of healthy plants

“Our results indicate that increasing consumption of healthy plant foods and decreasing lower quality plant and animal foods may help prevent all types of breast cancer”indicated in particular the French head of research Sanam Shah.

We note that the study focused on postmenopausal French women. The research team analyzed health data on the eating habits of 65,574 French women. The study took into account the habits of the last 21 years. Scientists have struggled to tell the difference between healthy plant foods and less healthy plant foods.

Nearly 4,000 participants were diagnosed with cancer

As healthy plant foods, researchers have identified whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, vegetable oils, tea or coffee. In the category of less healthy plant foods, these include fruit juices, refined cereals or potatoes. Of the 65,574 French women who took part in the research, 3,968 participants were diagnosed with breast cancer. Those who had eaten healthy plant foods saw their risk drop by an average of 14%.

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