After the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron addresses the French: “We must learn to govern and legislate differently”

Following its transition to a relative majority, the presidential coalition will have to expand. Either by building a coalition contract, or by building majorities text by text. “We must learn to govern and legislate differently“said the president.”Building with the political forces constituting the new Assembly. […] This is what you wanted and I take note of it.“, he added to the address of the French citizens.

A government of national unity – that is to say made up of all the main political forces present in Parliament on the basis of a draft compromise – is however not on the agenda. The opposition parties are against it and the head of state considers that this is “not justified” for the moment. He nevertheless calls for finding “a clearer and stronger majority to act“.

We will have to build compromises, enrichments, amendments, but do so in complete transparency, in the open air if I may say so, with a desire for unity and action for the nation.“, did he declare. “To make useful progress, it is now up to the political groups to say in complete transparency how far they are prepared to go“.

In this short televised address, he also confirmed that measures on the “purchasing power“, the “climate” and the “full employment“would be taken this summer.

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