all Belgians may be concerned, beware of this reimbursement proposal!

New false text messages are circulating concerning the reimbursement of a traffic fine. The message seems to come from the federal government but it is actually a scam, warns

“Due to a faulty speedometer, you paid an unjustified traffic fine to the public prosecutor’s office in December 2020. Please review the steps on our website to receive a refund of this fine”. If you received this SMS, do not click on the link contained in the message.

What if you clicked?

If you clicked on the link, leave the fields blank and cancel any interaction. Never provide your personal codes. If you provided a password that you use elsewhere, change it immediately.

From the moment you have lost money or you are the victim of extortion, advises to report to the police. You can report it to the local police where you live.

Also contact your bank and/or Card Stop on 078 170 170 if you have given bank details, if money is missing from your bank account or if you have transferred money to a fraudster. In this way, possible fraudulent transactions can be blocked.


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