Apple extends the list of its applications that can be deleted

Since iOS 10, Apple allows you to remove several applications installed by default. With iOS 16, the apple brand completes the list.

After Calendar, Mail, Music, Notes, Podcasts or Calculator, Apple now allows you to delete the application Clock, Health, and Locate.

As the 9to5Mac site explains, deleting this last application will not disable the Find My feature, which allows you to locate friends. “A message warns the user that all people, devices, or things associated with an Apple ID will still be there after uninstalling the app, and users can still manage these options in the Settings app”, explains 9to5Mac.

However, it will not be possible to locate devices or AirTags without the app, which is quite logical. It will then be necessary to go through the App Store, where it will be possible to redownload the applications for free.

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