Arctic Vendée: the race definitively stopped at the Iceland gate after being neutralized at first

Belgian skipper Denis Van Weynbergh and the rest of the fleet are now trying to reach an Icelandic port to seek shelter.

What was to be a foretaste of the next Vendée Globe with an unprecedented course as close as possible to the Arctic Circle had taken on the appearance of a disaster announced for a few hours. So that the skippers engaged in the Vendée Arctique do not relive the tragedies that have bedeviled certain editions of the Everest of the Seas or the Route du Rhum, the race management has taken the wisest decision: to stop the race definitively.

It’s not just the southern seas that can be nasty and generate winds of over 50 knots. No one was unaware of the difficulty of the event, but no one wanted to experience the episodes of the beacons which ceased to emit after a capsize so that the second edition of the Vendée Arctic would not become cruel. The meteorological phenomena which rage in the chain on the south of Iceland will have proved more threatening than hoped.

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