Baz Luhrmann explains why he ultimately didn’t cast Harry Styles to play Elvis Presley in his biopic

While looking for the ideal actor to play Elvis Presley in his biopic, Baz Luhrmann very seriously thought of Harry Styles. And if his choice finally fell on Austin Butler, it is absolutely not because the pop star would have failed at the time of auditioning.

“I don’t audition. I do very rich workshops. I will only mention Harry because he himself said so recently. Harry is a really talented actor. I would work on something with him…”, confided the filmmaker to during a passage in the program of Nova FM Fitzy and Wippa.

In reality, the problem was elsewhere.

Can an icon play another icon?

“The real problem with Harry is that he is Harry Styles. He is already an icon, continued Baz Luhrmann. I think Harry and I got to a point where he just really wanted to put on the costume and explore. He has such a great spirit and I have nothing but good things to say about Harry Styles. »

And for the director of Red Mill !, it was clear that Austin Butler was made for this role. “The thing about Austin, and he’ll tell you this himself, is that I didn’t choose him. It’s like he was drawn in, like the role appealed to him, because he was almost born to play it,” he concluded.

Come on, only a few more days to wait to see Elvis which arrives in theaters on June 22.

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