Belgium on heat alert: find the forecasts region by region

Belgium on heat alert: find the forecasts region by region

The IRM issues an alert over a large part of Belgium.

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LIn the next few days, temperatures will continue to rise, explains the MRI. On Friday, the maxima will regularly reach 29 to 31ºC in the plain. An orange heat alert is issued for the province of Luxembourg.

Saturday, the peak of heat is expected with maxima regularly reaching 33 or 34 degrees in the plain and up to 35 or 36 degrees in Gaume and Campine. Only the coastal region will be spared (around 25 degrees). This threshold corresponds to the triggering of a yellow level warning for that day. It is not excluded to extend the orange level to the hottest regions, in addition to that of Luxembourg, in the next updates.

From Sunday, the air mass should cool down somewhat in the center (24 to 28 degrees) and especially in the west (17 to 18 degrees), but temperatures could still reach 30 to 32 degrees in Gaume. For the beginning of next week, the forecasts are uncertain, but it is not excluded that the heat values ​​between 25 and 30 degrees will maintain, at least on the eastern half of the country, until Wednesday June 22.

Find forecasts region by region

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