Best DPS and Tanks in Mythic+ since the release of patch 9.2.5 – World of Warcraft

Best DPS and Tanks in Mythic+ since the release of patch 9.2.5 – World of Warcraft

It’s been two weeks since Patch 9.2.5 was deployed to WoW in Europe. He’s made a lot of class changes and it’s worth taking a look at the data to see if the rankings for top DPS and Tanks have been messed up in Mythic+.

Best DPS in Mythic+

Long remained at the top of the M+, the Fire Mage had come down from his pedestal in recent months. But recent balances have allowed him to regain his throne. He thus doubles the Warlock Destruction, always very effective too. However, he must be wary since the Survival Hunter is hot on his heels.

Behind, there is a Windwalker Monk who is still as good at this activity. The Outlaw Rogue for his part achieved a superb breakthrough, flying to 5th place! It is followed by the Finesse spec and the Arcane Mage. Among the good surprises, we will also point the finger at the Arms Warrior who leaves the bottom of the ranking.

Going down the board, we find the Beast Mastery Hunter, the Assassination Rogue and the Affliction Warlock, always dead last. The Mythic+ is therefore not really successful, despite a marked increase in performance in raids since the last patch.

Best Tanks in Mythic+

The first place is occupied by the Blood Death Knight, who is in front of the Brewmaster Monk. The podium is completed by the Vengeance Demon Hunter. These three specializations have a nice little lead over the other three, which stand very close together.

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