Box office France: Jurassic World 3 dethrones Top Gun Maverick – Actus Ciné

Box office France: Jurassic World 3 dethrones Top Gun Maverick – Actus Ciné


Unsurprisingly, the dinosaurs of Jurassic World 3 have to defy the box office France! With a first week of 1.3 million admissions, Colin Trevorrow’s film dethrones Top Gun Maverick and takes the lead. If the score is striking, this World after starts however less well than the first two films of the trilogy.

Jurassic World had attracted just over 2 million fans for its first week of operation in 2015. As for Fallen Kingdom, it had sold 1,396,911 tickets for the same period in 2018. For comparison, here are the figures for the first week of the Jurassic Park trilogy.

Jurassic World: The World After

Jurassic World: The World After

Exit :

June 8, 2022

2h 26min

Colin Trevorrow

Chris Pratt,
Bryce Dallas Howard,
Laura Dern,
Sam Neill,
Jeff Goldblum

Showtimes (1,202)

Top Gun Maverick continues its meteoric rise, now accumulating 3.3 million admissions, the biggest box office success in France in 2022.

Worldwide, this sequel starring Tom Cruise has already grossed $755 million. “The film becomes one of the 10 highest grossing films in Paramount studio history.“said the distributor.

Champagne rises to the 3rd step of the podium with 120,000 admissions. Nicolas Vanier’s feel good comedy, however, starts less well than his previous family film, Poly, which peaked at more than 458,000 tickets torn for its first week of operation in October 2020.

As for Doctor Strange 2, it attracts more than 85,000 new people and now exceeds 3 million spectators. Note the interesting performance of Men, independent horror film by Alex Garland. The work ranks 5th with more than 37,000 curious people in dark rooms.

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