Chaos confirmed: Ryanair goes on strike from June 24 to 26 inclusive

Chaos confirmed: Ryanair goes on strike from June 24 to 26 inclusive

Belgian-based Ryanair cabin crew will strike for three days at the end of next week, the Christian union CNE and its Flemish counterpart, ACV Puls, announced on Friday. Stewards and hostesses will cross their arms on Friday 24, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June. The Irish company had undertaken to send a final written proposal to the Belgian unions by this Friday. According to Didier Lebbe, permanent secretary of the CNE, however, it still does not meet the demands of the workers, namely the respect of Belgian labor law with the guarantee of a minimum wage for all.

“We were at the end of the end of the end of the negotiation!”, Underlines the trade unionist, deploring that the workers were not heard.

CNE and ACV Puls also denounce the absence of a human resources department based in Belgium and able to answer questions from staff and avoid the frequent errors on payslips.

Belgian-based cabin crew have therefore decided to go on another three-day strike at the end of next week, similar to the movement organized in April which caused the cancellation of nearly 300 flights at airports. from Zaventem (Brussels Airport) and Charleroi (BSCA).

With this strike in Belgium, the European action evoked by the European trade unions in mid-May is slowly taking shape. In Spain, the cabin crew intends to stop work for six days, June 24, 25 and 26 as well as June 30 and July 1 and 2. And on Tuesday, it was a Portuguese union that called the staff of the Irish low-cost company to a three-day strike, also from June 24 to 26, in order to protest against the deterioration of the working conditions of the employees.

The start of the summer holiday season therefore promises to be difficult, especially since a strike has also been announced at Brussels Airlines. This action partly coincides with that of Ryanair: cabin crew and pilots want to sit back on June 23, 24 and 25.

To these two movements are finally added the disturbances expected this Monday, June 20 at Brussels Airport due to the national demonstration of the trade unions in Brussels. G4S security personnel will strike there and some baggage handlers may do the same. The airport has also advised against departures on Monday, recommending departing passengers to postpone their flight or to travel only with hand luggage. Brussels Airlines has also canceled more than half of its flights that day.

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