Cheating during the CEB in a school in Koekelberg: two teachers dismissed

Cheating during the CEB in a school in Koekelberg: two teachers dismissed

The CEB test in history and geography took place on Friday for students in 6e primary school in Belgium. In a school in Koekelberg, two teachers were dismissed following what looks like cheating. One of the two has in fact taken the decision to provide crucial information to the pupils concerning a question on the great periods of History. The other, having said nothing, is considered an accomplice. The teacher in question, who arrived at the school in September, asked the students to write in pencil and then erase the answers she had given aloud.

What tipped off the inspector? Several children had not erased the notes. At the time of the correction, the teacher in charge of correcting this question therefore noticed the indications. “The papers are corrected in the correction centre, it’s a chain of teachers from various schools. Each teacher corrects a question and then moves on to the next one. So the teacher who was correcting the question noticed the pencil and reported to the inspector”we are told on the side of the school, whose name cannot be mentioned for reasons of ongoing procedures.

The teachers were summoned before the management and the inspector but denied the accusations of cheating. The inspector therefore asked to speak to a child. “He said: ‘Madam dictated that and we said we had to erase'”, the school tells us. The two teachers are, for the moment, excluded from what relates to the CEB. They must be heard by the Organizing Authority of the school, which will rule on the decision. “We do not yet have all the elements in hand to make a decision”underlines Véronique Lefrancq, Alderman for Education in the municipality of Koekelberg.

The inspector must send a report to the school as well as to the Organizing Power for the disciplinary aspect. For his part, the PO also asked the school to write a report. “This is the first time that we have faced this kind of problem. We must consult the steps to follow”, says Véronique Lefrancq. And to continue: “Without the management report containing all the elements of the inspection report, it is very difficult for us to react, except to say that we are deeply disappointed by this behavior. This penalizes the children and the teaching body because it reflects a bad image of teachers and the establishment.”

With regard to the problematic question, it was simply “neutralized”. This means that it has been removed and the exam total is carried over to 59 instead of 60.

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