Chrome 103 is full of new features on iOS

Chrome 103 is full of new features on iOS

Google’s latest web browser update ushers in several new features for iPhone users.

Chrome 103 has been officially available for two days, but as always, Google does not offer, as Mozilla does very well, release notes accessible to non-developers in which the main new features are detailed.

The transition from Chrome to version 103 on iOS is however an exception. The Mountain View firm has just lifted the veil on five important new features that iPhone and iPad users will be able to enjoy.

Enhanced security and default password manager

The first concerns the arrival of the safe browsing function on iOS and iPadOS. Now, Chrome users on Apple mobile devices are protected from phishing threats and malware while browsing. The function, which must be activated manually, is thus able to predict and warn you when you are about to consult a potentially dangerous web page. Also, the browser can now warn you if usernames and passwords you enter online have been compromised in online data leaks, and suggest you change them.

Chrome 103 is also an opportunity for Google to make the in-browser password manager fully compatible with iOS. It can now be configured as the default password manager replacing the Apple one. To do this, you will have to go to the iOS Settings, then in Passwords, select Chrome in the Prefill passwords menu.

Chrome, champion of productivity

This new version of Chrome for iPhone and iPad should also help you not lose track. When you restart the browser after a long absence, Chrome allows you to find your recent tabs and easily access the sites you visit most frequently, or discover new content.

Chromium iOS

Additionally, Google’s web browser now uses on-device machine learning to help you more quickly translate websites into another language that you visit. Chrome relies on a new language identification model to determine the language of the open page and automatically suggests you translate it to your preferred language.

Chromium iOS

Finally, very soon you will be able to perform certain tasks more quickly in Chrome by issuing commands directly in the address bar.

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All you have to do, for example, is type “Clear history” or “open incognito” for Chrome to automatically delete your browsing history or open a window in private browsing.

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