Coronavirus: why Belgium is not taking action against the BA.5 variant

Coronavirus: why Belgium is not taking action against the BA.5 variant

Despite the new wave of contamination and more severe symptoms, politicians and experts are keeping their cool. However, the most vulnerable people will again be invited to protect themselves via the FFP2 mask or a vaccine booster.

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Lhe surge in contamination linked to the presence of the BA.5 variant in Belgium over the past few days has not caused panic among the authorities. A new report from the Risk Assessment Group (RAG), the body responsible for assessing the health threat, has arrived on the desk of the Federal Minister of Health, Franck Vandenbroucke (Vooruit). It will serve as a basis for discussion this Friday at a preparatory meeting for the next CIM Santé (the decision-making body which brings together all the ministers competent in this matter).

However, the discussion should not lead to the taking of new measures, as confirmed by Steven Van Gucht, virologist and member of the RAG: “The experience that Portugal has just had with BA.5 seems to indicate that the wave will drop quickly, without saturating care services. We are still worried about people at risk, the elderly with comorbidities or immunocompromised. They are the ones we see returning to hospitals. We must protect them. »

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