Corruption: FIFA claims 2.1 million euros from Michel Platini

Corruption: FIFA claims 2.1 million euros from Michel Platini

“FIFA has been fraudulently misled,” she said in her plea. “Nowhere in the contract does it say that the 300,000 Swiss francs that were paid to him were actually a down payment and that the former UEFA president would actually receive one million Swiss francs a year for his work as a consultant.”

The prosecutor in the fraud trial is asking for a suspended sentence of one year and eight months in prison for the two men. The trial of Blatter (86) and Platini (66) began on June 8 in Bellinzona, Switzerland. The two men are accused of orchestrating a suspicious transaction in 2011. Platini received a payment of 1.8 million euros from the international football federation, almost nine years after his work as an adviser between 1998 and 2002. According to Blatter, the Frenchman was entitled to this amount due to various activities he allegedly carried out.

Blatter and Platini face up to five years in prison for fraud, unfair administration, breach of trust and forgery. A decision is expected around July 8.

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