Death of little Ciena: three childcare workers returned to the criminal court

Death of little Ciena: three childcare workers returned to the criminal court

The Charleroi Council Chamber has just issued its order, the court has decided to refer three child nurses from the Dourlet crèche in the city of Charleroi to the Criminal Court for “refusal to help”.

Her name was Ciena. She was 3 and a half months old when she suddenly lost her life on May 9, 2016 while she was at Doctor Dourlet’s municipal nursery. An unexplained and intolerable drama for his parents who, in February 2019, confided in RTL info: “We discover that we did not give her bottle to the little one, that there were changes in the milk, that we simply did not watch over her. It is as if we had not had dropped off a child at the crèche in fact. No one knows where she was, when, in what position she was. Everyone throws the ball between them.”

It’s essential for this broken family

After a long and hellish fight for the parents, justice has decided that it is the magistrates of the Criminal Court who will make a decision concerning the presumed responsibilities which would have caused the death of the baby. Maître Lauvaux, tenor of the Charleroi Bar, who fights alongside the family is satisfied with this major step forward: “It was a duty of justice to refer this file to the competent body. Faced with the death of a three-month-old child who did not suffer from any illness, we must understand what happened. It is essential for this broken family, for the honor of our justice and our society.”

The 3-month-old had been placed on her stomach and left out in the heat. The parents believe that there was gross negligence and they filed a complaint for manslaughter by lack of foresight. A reconstruction took place in May 2018 with the three childcare workers present on the day of the incident.

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