Depardieu, Olivier Marchal, Tchéky Karyo… an incredible cast for a series produced in Lunelois

The Airstream company will produce a new series in the south of France between Marignane and Marsillargues, with world-renowned actors. Reportage.

The two founders of the production company Airstream, Samuel Aib, an actor from Lunel and Alan Almosnino, an entrepreneur from Montpellier, decided to set up their premises in Mauguio.

The adventure on this new extraordinary series begins when Samuel Aib receives the scenario from Kévin Mayor, actor and screenwriter.

When I read the script, I tell myself that it’s a huge project. To get several opinions, I talk about it to three actor friends of mine. : jeremy banster (actor in such a big sun on France 2), Moussa Maaskri (played in many international productions) and Michel Ferracci (has acted both on TV and in the cinema). The feedback I got from them was extremely positive, they were even ready to play in it too. We then bought the rights and we launched a small appeal in our network”says Samuel Aib.

And there is the snowball effect, renowned actors tell us that they are interested, some even insist on participating. The world of cinema is small, everyone quickly becomes aware and we even have to add people as we go along. “To quote you the biggest of the cast: Gérard Depardieu, Olivier Marchal or even Tchéky Karyo.

The project of a lifetime

It’s a real XXL casting that the series offers Scapia, a series about mafia families. “

Like that, we could say that it is a scenario already seen and reviewed on the mafia, but what really emerges from this series is its background. It makes it unique because it has a real psychological aspect. That’s why a lot of the cinema world wants to play in it “, proudly confides Alan Almosnino.

Olivier Marchal, who has his own directing style, even told us that we were “the next generation”. This project is one of our first but it is already the culmination of a lifetime “, continues Samuel Aib.

Airstream will co-produce Scapia with the company French Movies Connection which will take care of the executive side and the delegated production. This production company participated in the making of the film North ferrywhich was very successful.

Sell ​​on pictures

The production company bet on the images rather than the script. Indeed, from Monday, the filming of the trailer for the series will begin in Marignane. Most of the actors will be present.

Our goal is to make platforms want to buy our series, and for us to find the best offer. We want to directly show our skills because we also have a four-star film crew. We wanted to bet as big in front of as behind the camera “, confide the two men.

A project planned for three seasons. To be continued…

A young company full of ambition

Samuel Aib and Alan Almosnino, two young entrepreneurs, set up a production company called Airstream Production just a year ago.

What differentiates them is the fact that they first structured themselves before creating their business. Their great ambition is necessarily one of their main assets.

“We are lucky to have a good team with a very good atmosphere and since we are still a young company we have a lot of freedom. We can afford to take time to properly set up projects”, says Alan Almosnino.

The Airstream production box has already signed for a feature film for the end of 2022. A comedy shot in the premises of Provence studios. The production is in co-production with François 1er Productions. At the same time, the two young entrepreneurs are on four other projects.

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