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We’ve been waiting for two years. Filmed in 2019, the film Blonde caused a lot of talk for its shock scenes. Netflix finally unveils a first teaser and reveals the release date.

It is one of the most anticipated films on Netflix. Blonde by New Zealand director Andrew Dominik will retrace the life of Marilyn Monroe, based on Joyce Carol Oates’ bestseller. The general public will finally be able to discover the film on September 23 on Netflix. We had to arm ourselves with patience. Even before its release, the film has been talked about in the halls of Hollywood since the end of its shooting.

It is Ana de Armas, the true revelation of the latest James Bond film, Dying Can Wait, who embodies the glamorous icon who tragically died in 1962. To tell the personal story of Marylin Monroe, Andrew Dominik has chosen strong biases . It is not the rise and a watered down version of Marylin’s life that interests him here. He made the choice of the intimate story. The director speaks of a demanding film.

Considered too explicit, for its sex scenes – including one including cunnilingus during menstruation and another illustrating rape – it would have shocked the leaders of Netflix. This is the reason that has long been invoked to justify its suspension. After negotiations with the Los Gatos firm, the film will be classified as prohibited for those under 17.

Private Cannes Film Festival

While a release date announcement was awaited by all of Hollywood, hopes gradually turned to the Cannes Film Festival. Cinephiles of all persuasions believe that the Croisette would be the perfect setting to host the sulphurous biopic.

But in the end the 2022 edition took place without Blonde. Thierry Frémeaux, the general delegate of the festival, had explained the reasons for this last April, a few days before revealing the selection. Indeed, he failed to convince Netflix to release Andrew Dominik’s film in theaters in France and for its part, Netflix refused that the film be presented out of competition.

On these first images, it is a tormented Marilyn that we discover. A real object of fascination, hunted down by the press and photographers and deeply alone. However, it is with a great burst of laughter, like a snub to the world, that this first teaser ends.

Blonde will be available on September 23 on Netflix.

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