Devolver gives birth to three games at Netflix Geeked Week!

Devolver gives birth to three games at Netflix Geeked Week!

Devolver Digital’s famous cellphone owners today turned their compulsive obsession with netflix in a professional relationship all that is most respectable. The prank editor announces three new mobile games available or to come on the leading digital entertainment platform.

poinpyby the creator of Downwell, is a colorful climbing game about crushing fruit into juice to feed a hungry beast. Climb the walls of a cellar filled with fruit as the greedy critter is on your trail: bounce on randomly generated platforms collecting all the delicious fruit demanded by the monster, then vigorously pound the ground to squeeze them. poinpy is available to download now on Netflix!

Reigns: Three Kingdomss is the fifth title of the famous license of swip’em up signed Nerial. Inspired by the famous Chinese novel the Three Kingdoms, Reigns: Three Kingdoms puts players right in the middle of the turbulent last years of the Han dynasty. Many factions, battles and heroes ask you to swipe the screen left or right with sagacity to negotiate, seduce, make an alliance or convert the masses to increase your influence, and therefore your power. Discover new ways to enjoy the mechanics of swipe single of Reigns by lifting the veil on all the secrets that the tortuous scenario has in store for you, in addition to unexpected mini-games. Reigns: Three Kingdoms will be released later in the year.

Developed by Free Lives (Broforce), Terra Nile is a city ​​builder reversed on the reconstruction of an ecosystem. Turn an arid wasteland into an ecological paradise with the most diverse flora and fauna possible, then clean it all up while leaving the environment untouched. A true subversion of the genre, Terra Nile deals with the restoration of a ravaged universe and will be released in 2023.

These three games are included with the current Netflix subscription and do not offer any advertising or in-app purchases.

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