Difficult supply for a drug used in the treatment of ADHD

Getting a Biphentin prescription might be more complicated over the next few weeks. The company that produces this essential medicine for many people is unable to keep up with demand.

People who are not affected, who do not have one around them, may have a vision of attention deficit disorder as a disease of children running around. This is really not the case. These are essential drugs to work for many people anywaysupports the pharmacist Christophe Augé.

Like many pharmacists, he is experiencing supply difficulties.

I would already advise you not to run to all the pharmacies to find some, because we are all in the same situation. »

A quote from Christophe Augé, pharmacist

Christophe Augé is a pharmacist at Ascot Corner.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Thomas Deshaies

It is across the province, it lacks Biphentin. […] We are told that it is delays in the supply and routing of raw materialsconfirms the president of the Quebec Association of Pharmacists Owners Benoit Morin.

Substitutions not always optimal

Fortunately, there are other drugs, such as Concerta, to replace Biphentin. Your pharmacist can suggest other molecules for which he can make a substitution, if ever Biphentin is not availablesays Benoit Morin.

A domino effect is however apprehended. The more we will stock up on Concerta to supplement the lack of Biphentin, the more we risk creating an “artificial” shortage of this drug.notes Christophe Augé.

For some people, swapping Biphentin for another drug isn’t necessarily an option either. This is the case of the son of Suzi Costa, who suffers from an intellectual disability.

It’s a little destabilizing to find yourself face to face with this […] The possible drugs that could replace in the meantime, my son had already done tests, and it was not conclusive. We had had a lot of negative side effects. I saw the doors closing a little. With his intellectual disability, he is not able to name how he feels, versus a neurotypical child who will take Biphentin for his concentration at schoolshe argues.

Pharmacist Christian Augé indicates that in more delicate cases, members of his profession will consult other professionals to find appropriate solutions.

Despite a recent shortage of infant formula, the Quebec Association of Proprietary Pharmacists stresses that shortages should not continue to multiply and that there is no reason to worry.

What is striking is that it has been two or three times that it has affected children […] We lived through more difficult times than that during the pandemic for example, but even a little beforeemphasizes Benoit Morin.

Biphentin supply is expected to return to normal by the end of July.

With information from Thomas Deshaies

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