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Check that you are a real Disney fan by trying to find in which feature films of the famous studio we find these trees. Warning, high difficulty!

Do you think you are unbeatable on the animated classics of the Disney studios? Have you seen and re-watched these famous feature films to the point of knowing them by heart? Did these films rock your childhood and have you memorized them down to the smallest detail?

It’s time to check that your memories are intact by trying to measure yourself against our quiz reserved for real experts. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Beauty and the Beast, can you find the following trees in which animated films?


The beauty and the Beast

“Vincit who is vincit.” This Latin phrase that can be read on the stained glass windows of the castle, in the introductory scene of the film, can be translated by the following words: “He who dominates himself is victorious.” A motto that the Prince, transformed into a Beast, will have to apply to himself to recover his human appearance before the enchanted rose completely withers.

The Lion King

Even if it is not revealed in the Disney classic, there is one (and even several) explanation(s) for the presence of the famous scar on Scar’s left eye. Indeed, in the children’s book entitled The Tale of Two Brothers, we learn that he got it while trying to escape a buffalo. In the animated series The Lion Guard, on the other hand, Scar explains that she came to him from a poisonous snake.

Rox and Rouky

This animated film from the 80s is freely inspired by a short story by author Daniel P. Mannix (The fox and the hunting dog). Much darker than the cartoon from Disney studios, this story therefore underwent several modifications before arriving in dark rooms in order to better suit a young audience. Indeed, at the end of the original work, the two protagonists tragically disappeared.

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