Does the slightest noise keep you awake? Here are some concrete solutions to find a good sleep

In a study carried out by the Hôtel-Dieu, in France, noise is mentioned by 40% of Parisians as the first disturber of sleep.

The solutions

We can of course bet on the plugs which attenuate the noise of about twenty decibels, on condition of mixing them well before pushing them into the ear canal. But relaxation techniques also help to fall asleep.

“Breathe” the noise

“The more you fight against a noise, the more you amplify it. You have to succeed in accepting it and breathing helps a lot”, confirms the psychologist Isabelle Fontaine-Gaspar. On each inspiration, let the noise enter at the same time as the breath in our nostrils and our lungs. On the exhalation, let us visualize the noise which starts again, moves away. Do the time for 3 to 5 deep breaths. “Letting the noise pass through it reduces its impact: the brain adapts to these images and the noise really goes away”promises Dr. Vertallier, ENT.

tell stories

Let’s try to imagine that the noise of the device that bothers us actually comes from the waves on a beach or from an insect in nature. Faced with the sound of planes or traffic, let’s visualize the destination where the passengers are going… “It takes a bit of practice, but we manage more and more easily to let the brain go into the imagination, so to defocus from the unpleasant noise”assures Isabelle Fontaine-Gaspar.

scan the body

Lying in bed, let’s review the sensations of each area of ​​the body, starting from the skull to reach the feet. While breathing calmly, let’s mentally say: “I relax my forehead”, “I relax my cheeks”, “I relax my jaw”, and so on. “Coming back to what happens in the body, we stop focusing on the outside. Particularly interesting when we sleep with a snorer”, assures Sophie Menuet, sophrologist. To be done once, the time to scan the whole body.

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