Drama in Saint-Nazaire: forgotten in the car by 28°C, a 14-month-old baby dies

It is the parquet floor of Saint-Nazaire, in France, which announced this tragic event. A father, who works in the health sector, forgot to drop off his 14-month-old child at the crèche. He went directly to his job, forgetting that his child was in the back seat of his vehicle.

“He parked directly in the parking lot to get to his post, leaving the child inside the car“, confirms the public prosecutor, Sylvie Canovas-Lagarde, quoted by BFM TV. It was only after his working day, around 5:30 p.m., that the man realized that he had forgotten the child. The mother who showed up at the crèche and did not find her baby there.

The father discovered the unresponsive child in his vehicle and called the fire department directly, but the child was deceased. The Saint-Nazaire public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of the death.

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