Energy prices: here’s how to benefit from the fuel oil allowance of 225 euros

Energy prices: here’s how to benefit from the fuel oil allowance of 225 euros

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Lhe House Economy Committee on Wednesday approved the bill establishing an allowance for the purchase of bulk diesel or propane for heating a private home. The text was approved unanimously, minus the sole abstention of the N-VA.

In the context of rising energy prices, the federal government decided last April to grant a one-off allowance of 200 euros, increased to 225 euros following last Saturday’s kern. The measure concerns 21% of Belgian households, according to the Minister of the Economy Pierre-Yves Dermagne, bearer of the bill. The planned budget therefore amounts to 225 million euros, an amount which corresponds to the additional revenue garnered by the State following the increase in the price of fuel oil and propane. To benefit from it, the beneficiaries must complete an online form or a paper form to be sent by registered mail to the FPS Economy. These can be completed as soon as the law is published in the Belgian Official Gazette.

In order to take into account the decisions taken by the restricted cabinet (kern) last Saturday, several amendments have been tabled. One of them brings the amount of the allowance to 225 euros, instead of the 200 euros initially decided. The deadline for submitting forms is also extended. Applications may be submitted until January 10, 2023. The FPS Economy will rule on the admissibility of the application no later than March 15, 2023. Finally, after consultation with the representative organizations Absa (Belgian Association of Trustees and Property Administrators) and its Dutch equivalent UVS vzw, Vivaldi has decided to extend the measure to apartment buildings with collective heating.

Urgency was requested by the government in order to allow entry into force on July 1. The committee agreed to propose to put the bill on the agenda for tomorrow’s/Thursday’s plenary session, with the presentation of an oral report.

An information campaign will be launched next week, said Mr. Dermagne.

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