Fire Mustang – An unloved shmup of the Megadrive and yet…

Hi all !

I treated myself to a little Madeleine de Proust a few days ago…
Who here owned at the time (we are in 1991) this fire mustang on Megadrive JAP ?

Personally, I had bought it in an import store, despite its not very glorious 68% in the Joystick MAG. And at 12, I totally loved this game. Over the years, I realize that it is still relatively unknown, and not so easy to pick up. I finally found it at a more or less decent price (about 45 euros without manual, in Japan, all costs included), and I just played it again.

So yes, it’s true that it is certainly very average, but for lots of very subjective reasons, and which definitely belong to another era, I still enjoy playing it. I made a video to explain all this, I would be curious to have your opinion on this shmup, or on this kind of games that are close to your heart, despite a less flattering reputation.

Thank you peeps :)

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