Formula 1 | Brundle: Leclerc is as bruised as Hamilton’s back

On pole position in the last four Grands Prix contested, Charles Leclerc has not won any, the fault in particular of reliability problems with the Ferrari engine or poor race strategy on the part of the Scuderia.

And while the Monegasque’s last victory dates back to Melbourne and Max Verstappen is now well established at the top of the championship, Martin Brundle, former F1 driver and consultant for British television, sympathizes with the situation of the Ferrari driver.

“We’re in the middle of a 22-race season, and the races keep coming and going,” Brundle said.

“If you have a big problem you have to fix it, but Ferrari has several. Leclerc has to be beside himself. He could have had four great wins. He puts his car on pole position, drives brilliantly, and that kind of thing happens too often.”

Brundle imagines the Monegasque’s relationship with Ferrari is currently under strain, and he compares the moral pain Leclerc must be feeling to the physical pain Lewis Hamilton felt in Baku.

“Reliability is costing him a lot at the moment, especially in the run-up to becoming world champion. Strategy lost him a wonderful home win in Monaco. He loves Ferrari and Ferrari loves him, and the last time I “I saw something similar, it was in the Michael Schumacher days. There’s a lot of love there but, right now, Leclerc must be feeling as bruised as Lewis’s back.”

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