Formula 1 |  Magnussen surprised to be so far, Schumacher victim of a water leak

Formula 1 | Magnussen surprised to be so far, Schumacher victim of a water leak

Magnussen surprised to be so (...)

After a decent first PR1 session, Kevin Magnussen was behind the wheel of his Haas F1 during PR2 in Baku, where he only took the 17th time of the session. And the Dane admits not understanding why his single-seater performed less well in the afternoon.

“It’s nice to drive on this circuit, I enjoy it. It’s always a little more exciting to be on an urban track, to be a little more at the limit. The car gives me good sensations but we weren’t very fast in FP2, it’s a surprise to have fallen back so much compared to FP1.”

“In general we are better in EL2 but it was the opposite today so we have to do some analysis and see if we find the reason. I remain positive, this race is crazy and there is always something going on .”

For Mick Schumacher, the weekend could not have started worse: his VF-22 suffered from a water leak in EL1 and the German only took the wheel for EL2, which he finished in a distant 19th calm.

“It looks like the water leak was caused by the heavy rebound we suffered on the first lap, and it ruined our plans. This is the first time I’ve physically felt the effect of the rebound, it’s is hard on the body and also on the car, so it’s something to take into consideration for the next races.”

“The circuit is generally not very demanding on the tyres, except for the very high temperature of the track. It will be interesting to analyze the data collected today in depth in order to prepare ourselves well for the race.”

Günther Steiner, the director of Haas F1, evokes the mechanical problem of Schumacher and explains that Magnussen almost suffered the same problem.

“The EL1s had a bad start because of the water leak on Mick’s car, he couldn’t drive and that’s always a problem on such a circuit. What happened is strange and we are lucky That the issue didn’t happen on Kevin’s car because it almost did, but we’ve fixed the issue for the EL2s.”

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