Formula 1 | Porpoising: Teams to understand the rules according to Coulthard

The FIA’s intervention to deal with the 2022 F1 porpoising continues to divide observers.

Some consider it positive that the governing body intervenes for the safety of the pilots, while others believe that it is up to the teams to solve the problem, some having accommodated or even got rid of this phenomenon caused by the ground effect.

David Coulthard, himself a former Formula 1 driver, clearly falls into the second category. The Scot believes that it is good for the teams to find solutions by reading between the lines of the regulations.

“It depends on how you understand the rules,” Coulthard said.

“Adrian Newey, who I worked with when I was at Williams, always said you have to read the rules to see what they say, but more importantly what they don’t say.

“It’s about finding every loophole and taking advantage of it. Makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re just ticking boxes, how are you going to outperform your competition?”

“So just like other years, like when the grooved tires were introduced or when the narrower cars were introduced, there are constant updates from the technical delegates.

“Obviously the teams that suffer the most are doing their best to make their voices heard and get a result.”

“Everyone has to adapt to the same technical regulations.”

“I was in a situation where I had the advantage because my team had done a better job, and I was also in the opposite situation where the team was not doing a very good job and you suffer from it, sometimes it will be in the back.”

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