Formula 1 | Williams is preparing a development that will make its F1 ‘different’

Tenth and last in the constructors’ championship with 3 points, Williams F1 has still not made the slightest major change to its FW44, and this is felt on the track where the Grove-based team is left behind by the rest of the field.

Its closest rivals, Aston Martin and Haas F1, each have 15 points in the championship and are currently clearly ahead in terms of pure performance. The first mentioned is also on the rise since the introduction of developments in Barcelona.

If the approach has therefore been conservative at Williams F1 so far, performance manager Dave Robson explains however that a major evolution is currently in preparation in the wind tunnel, and that this would bring visible differences to the FW44.

“Yes, we have decided, and it is now in the wind tunnel,” Robson said.

“The challenge now is to start production as soon as possible. I hope we don’t damage the cars this weekend, because that’s clearly something you have to be careful about.”

“The package is on the way. When exactly will it be ready, hopefully it will be clearer in the next few days.”

Robson also explains that with this big development to come, Williams F1 will take a different technical direction from the one it has been using since the start of the season.

“We started by working on the front wing going towards the rear part of the car, I’m sure there are different ways to do it and we don’t know yet which is the best one.

“As for the short term and the rest of the season, I think we have chosen a slightly different and visually different concept than what you see now.

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