Formula 1 |  Wolff responds to Horner: FIA had to protect F1 teams from themselves

Formula 1 | Wolff responds to Horner: FIA had to protect F1 teams from themselves

Wolff responds to Horner: The FIA ​​had to (...)

Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff backs the FIA’s decision to intervene with a technical directive relating to the impact of porpoising, even though it will certainly cause a lot of damage to his own team.

After many drivers finally spoke in Baku, concerns were raised about the long-term health effects of the bouncing phenomenon of these 2022 F1s.

The grid was not quite united on wanting the FIA ​​to intervene, with Red Bull notably pushing that it was up to the teams to deal with the performance issue, but a technical directive issued ahead of the Grand Prix Canada quickly put an end to the debates: the FIA ​​entered the game.

While the directive defines new areas of technical control by the FIA, the Canadian Grand Prix will be used for data collection before an application (possible disqualification) from Silverstone.

“I think sometimes in F1 we ​​have to be protected from ourselves. Everyone is chasing performance.”

“And because a lot of teams didn’t like cost caps and tried to fight against that, or fight against regulations that they felt were counterproductive for their own needs, we now have a situation where the way the cars have been designed, ground effect, represent a health hazard.”

“And like ground effect cars did in the 80s and 90s, these cars have porpoising. And to a greater or lesser degree depending on the team. But in fact there is a health issue for the drivers and that’s why we can’t just leave it up to the teams to say ‘it’s up to you how you set up your F1’.”

“If we could all have solved the problem in a few races, we would have preferred that rather than having this situation for the FIA ​​to control,” continued Wolff.

“We all have a responsibility to our players. This is not an area where teams should resist change just because they think they have an advantage. floor.”

“Some of the teams that are up front haven’t had a problem, but even their drivers have been vocal in the media like Sergio [Perez, Red Bull]. And there is not a single pilot who has not felt pain. It is therefore a health problem. And I see a strong FIA coming up with the necessary steps to solve it.”

In Baku, Christian Horner, suggested that pilots complaining loudly about porpoising on the radio “was part of the game” to try to get some action.

Wolff responds curtly: “Christian only sees his interest because his car dominates. But all the drivers, except Alonso, raised the problem at the drivers’ briefing, starting on Friday in Baku.”

“We could hear some drivers being quite vocal about the pain and blurry vision there. And weirdly, since the directive, Max (Verstappen) and Sergio are suddenly less talkative about it.”

“It shows that all teams need to be protected from themselves through regulatory changes.”

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