Forza Motorsport: Ray Tracing confirmed in-game and weather at each circuit | XboxOne

Good news for the new Forza Motorsport since we learned today that Ray Tracing will be available in the middle of the game, in the gameplay phases, and not only during replays or in the photo mode of the game.

Forza Motorsport in 4K and 60 FPS with Ray Tracing!

This is important information confirmed by Chris Esaki, creative director at Turn 10 for Forza Motorsport. Yes, Forza Motorsport Ray Tracing will be active while playing the game.

We are not trying to deceive you. When you are racing and playing the game, Ray Tracing is active. I really want to be very clear on this.

With real-time Ray Tracing during games, Turn10 wants to make the immersion stronger. And Chris Esaki also specifies that in certain cases, and for example at night, the whole scene of the game fully benefits from global illumination techniques (Global Illumination) in addition to Ray Tracing, for an even more realistic light rendering.

Forza Motorsport will be available on Xbox and PC and with Ray Tracing, a day/night cycle and different weather conditions on all tracks in the game. This is a priori a tour de force on the part of Turn10, but there are still a few details to know such as the performance of the game on Xbox Series S in particular. Will Ray Tracing be offered on this console with 60 frames per second and 1440p definition? Answer, we hope, by the release of the game scheduled for spring 2023.

To go further, do not hesitate to consult the list of cars of Forza Motorsport and to download one of the 10 images of the game in landscape or portrait format for your mobile.

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