France: Macron strongly challenged on ministers accused of rape (video)

“Abominable”: a young woman challenges Macron on the presence of Gérald Darmanin and Damien Abad in the government

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Lhe President of the Republic was strongly challenged by a young woman during his trip to Gaillac (Tarn) on the subject of security in rural areas. The Head of State had the procession stopped and got out of the car to meet the crowd posted behind a barrier. The young woman took advantage of this situation to ask him a question about two ministers accused of rape.

“You put at the head of the state men who are accused of rape and violence against women, why? “says the young woman.

After a few minutes of hesitation, Macron’s response was immediate: “I accompanied her and I will continue to accompany her, to protect her. At the same time, to function in society you must have the presumption of innocence”.

Despite people shouting “liar” and “you are abominable”, the president continued his procession, shaking hands and asking the inhabitants “How are you? “, ” Are you doing well ? »

The two ministers accused of rape, gender-based and sexual violence

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior has been accused of rape. The complaint filed against him was first dismissed, then relaunched. The prosecution requested a dismissal in early 2022. As for Damien Abad, he was accused of sexual violence, following a letter from the Observatory of gender-based and sexual violence.

Feminist associations are angry and demand the resignation of the Minister of Solidarity.

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