“France will burn this week”: a weather journalist changes tone to warn of the seriousness of the situation

Caused by an arrival of hot air from the Maghreb, a heat wave began to affect the south-west of France, with temperatures rising to 34°C in Bordeaux and 37°C in Toulouse on Tuesday. According to Météo-France, it will hit the whole country by the weekend, with peaks that may be above 40°C locally.

Tuesday evening, BFMTV weather specialist Marc Hay was alarmist on the channel’s set, when announcing the forecast. When the presenter asks him why his vocabulary has become so serious, the weather reporter explains. “The goal is not to scare, but I decided, a few days ago, to abandon my usual tone which over the months I find a bit useless”.

Marc Hay then explains. “Arriving on set and saying ‘France is going to be affected by a new heat wave…’, I don’t think it works anymore. […] People have to understand that France, clearly, is going to burn out this week. I think we have to change the way we talk about it because it doesn’t print. And clearly, people need to realize that what’s happening is just the tip of the iceberg.”

And the weather specialist concludes: “What happened in 2019 is happening again and what is happening now will happen again. Summer is just beginning, other heat waves, other heat waves are possible and this is all going to get worse.”

Invited on the set of RMC this Wednesday, Marc Hay confirmed his concern, believing that people were getting used to high temperatures, however worrying. “People think that when it’s 25°C in summer in Paris, it’s cool”he slips.“The projections that we showed for 2050, it has already happened. In 2019, it was a warning signal and we said to ourselves that it would happen in 15 or 20 years, and in fact it happens three years later”he still alarmed.

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