Georges-Louis Bouchez in interview in an attraction in Walibi, “I’m not too afraid in life…” (video)

Six celebrities played the game: boarding the Tiki-Waka family attraction in Walibi and answering our questions. For several minutes, they have to face speed and emptiness, while trying to come back to their fears in life, while being filmed. It is Georges-Louis Bouchez, the president of the Reform Movement that we will find for this first episode of the series “Frisson”, which we will find on all our digital platforms.

The politician accustomed to car racing tolerated the adrenaline of the attraction and its thrills rather well, even if several times we saw him surprised by the… emptiness by letting go of a few “aaah…”.

During the interview, he tells us about his worries or not… in life. “I’m not too scared in life…I don’t have a lot of fears. I’m not afraid of animals… The only thing I was afraid of when I was little… when I watched a scary movie, was having an animal under the bed. It happened to me when I was a child to run very quickly in my bed to be sure of having nothing. When I felt fear, I forced myself to overcome it because I didn’t want fear to control me… I said to myself; you have to force yourself. I think it’s so sad to be a victim of your fears, ”says Georges-Louis Bouchez.

The media outlets of Georges Louis Bouchez focus the attention of citizens and the political world… with regular controversy that follows. But does it scare him, politics? “No, politics isn’t scary, but it’s the idea of ​​saying to yourself… am I doing enough? did you go all the way? My real fear is to tell myself in a few years, you would have had the opportunity to do something and you didn’t…”.


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