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In Fortnite, in Season 3 of Chapter 3, a challenge asks you to obtain shield by bouncing on rebounding mushrooms. We explain to you!

Season 3 Chapter 3 of Fortnite started this Sunday, June 5, 2022 and as always, Epic Games has planned a lot of additional content like skins including one for Darth Vader and IndianaJones, a new battle pass, a new character named Genobut also the ability to ride wolves.

As in previous seasons, week 1 challenges are available and among the lists of quests for this week, a challenge asks you to ” Get shield by bouncing on rebounding mushrooms “. We explain how to do and recoverexperience on your battle pass !

How to get shield by bouncing on rebounding mushrooms in Fortnite?

To complete the week 1 challenge: “Get shield by jumping on rebounding mushrooms”, you will have to find these famous mushrooms, which are completely new to the game! Arrived with season 3 of chapter 3, they will allow you to obtain shield if you bounce on them.

But where to find them exactly? This is around Reality Cascades that you will find these huge mushrooms, which you cannot miss! You can see what they look like in-game below:

A bouncing mushroom in Fortnite

You should bounce off those mushrooms ten times for the challenge to be validated! There are quite a few mushrooms in this area, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing the challenge.

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