Ghostbusters will be entitled to its series on Netflix after SOS Ghosts: The Legacy

Ghostbusters will be entitled to its series on Netflix after SOS Ghosts: The Legacy

Reanimated by the last Ghostbusters: Legacy, the Ghostbusters license arrives at Netflix with a new series.

The ghost hunt is far from over, it seems. Cult film from 1984, the first Ghostbusters has never left hearts, its immortal theme music still resounding and its narrative carried by countless attempts to resuscitate its phenomenon. After a sequel in 1989 then an attempt at a reboot in 2016, it was none other than Jason Reitman, son of Ivan Reitman (director of the first two films), who managed to rekindle the flame of the license with Ghostbusters: Legacy.

The film was co-written with Gil Kenan, and it is precisely this same duo who will return to continue to maintain this flame, this time at Netflix. It was on the occasion of “Ghosbusters Day” (celebrating the release date of the original film) that we learned the production of an animated series. It will succeed the last feature film.

Ghostbusters: Legacy: photoHop hop, you too are going to Netflix.

This will not be the first animated series from the Ghostbusters universe (the third in reality), but it will a priori have no connection with the old ones. If no precise details are yet known, we can however understand that the recent success of Jason Reitman’s film convinced the studios not to let the franchise die in order to decline it again and again.

Thus, other projects were mentioned during the “Ghostbuster Day” including the mysterious “Firehouse” code which can evoke a future film or an element in connection with the series. More should be revealed in due course, but now we don’t have to worry about the license dying anytime soon. The haunting is total: except that now the real ghosts are the 80s.


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