Google denounces Italian spyware used to hack smartphones

In September, the iPhone manufacturer had to urgently repair a computer flaw that Pegasus, the spyware from the Israeli company NSO, was able to exploit to infect the brand’s smartphones without even using links or buttons. trapped.

According to several associations that brought the mass espionage scandal to light via Pegasus last July, tens of thousands of phones have been infected, including those of members of the French government.

Google engineers, who closely track more than 30 companies in this industry, say the spyware industry is “thriving and growing rapidly.”

“Our research shows the extent to which spyware vendors have propagated these tools which were historically used only by governments,” they detail. “It makes the internet less secure and threatens the trust users need.”

They also point out that these tools, even legal under international law, are often used by governments for undemocratic purposes, in particular to target political activists, journalists or human rights defenders.

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