Google Maps will welcome a very practical new feature

The application presents a new widget for Android.

Google Maps will now show live traffic around the user. And this, in the application, but also in a widget accessible on the lock screen of Android phones.

Until now, the application was limited to providing an estimate of arrival and journey times and to notify the driver when traffic jams obstruct the route he has chosen. And this, thanks to a yellow, orange and red color code. The new live traffic widget will complement these features and give the user a better idea of ​​the traffic intensity in a given area. This will allow you to adapt your travel time or your itinerary. And therefore, avoid crowded boulevards.

Simplified access to traffic information

Another good news, these indications will be accessible without having to open the application. Indeed, it is an Android widget, directly displayed on the lock screen. To get an idea of ​​the traffic, the driver can therefore zoom in and out of the map from the widget.

“So if you’re about to leave your home, workplace, school, or anywhere else, you’ll know at a glance what exactly local traffic is like. And since Android widgets are touch-enabled, you can zoom in and out without opening the Maps app”presents Google.

Normally, the widget should be available for all Android users in the coming weeks. Note that, to take advantage of it, you must first launch Google Maps.

A series of new features

At the moment, Google is chaining updates to Maps. For example, it is now possible to determine which route is the most fuel-efficient. Also, a new feature allows you to display the price of tolls for the chosen route or simply choose routes without tolls. namely that, for the moment, this feature has only been deployed in the United States.

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