Greg Yega filmed taking drugs, the Marseillais star justifies himself

Greg Yega filmed taking drugs, the Marseillais star justifies himself

While an embarrassing video has been circulating for several days on social networks, Greg Yega has decided to speak up to justify himself. Filmed without his knowledge taking drugs, the star of Marseille pleads the error of youth, the images dating from ten years ago.

Greg Yega loves light, and not just because he lives in one of the sunniest cities in France. This reality TV candidate immediately distinguished himself by his glibness and his love affairs in the adventures of Marseilles around the world. From there to become one of the essential characters of a program, centered around his explosive relationship with Maeva Ghennam. And when the cameras aren’t rolling, the one we call “Bebew” finds a way to be at the center of dirty stories.

Last August, Paga’s best friend was brutally attacked at his home by criminals, who left with a small booty. A trauma for Greg Yega, who took a long time to turn the page. It’s something that will be engraved for lifewhich I will not forget for sure”, he confided to TV Star.

“It was my private life, my life before”

The proud Marseille, who went out with Mélanie ORL, is not likely to forget, either, this video of him which has been circulating for several days on social networks. This shows it clearly inhaling heroina scandal resounding enough to be justified on his Instagram account. “Apparently there are bloggers who want to put out a video of me from ten years ago. I had a night out with friends and smoked something not good. I was filmed without my knowledge so I find it shameful and pathetic.” he first contextualized. Before pleading the error of youth:They want to hurt me. This person who will recognize himself, he must watch the video and see that it dates from ten years ago. Yes nobody is perfect, yes it was a childhood mistake and the video comes out today because I’m famous. The saddest thing is that. It was my private life, my life before”. Explanations that have not convinced his fans, who are worried about his health. Problems, always problems…


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