Gynecology: what does a preconception consultation consist of?

Gynecology: what does a preconception consultation consist of?

Do you want to make a baby? Your decision is made? Before embarking on its conception, it is recommended to take a medical appointment called a preconception consultation. But what is it exactly? We take stock with Dr Emmanuelle Renkin, gynecologist and obstetrician and external consultant at Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc.

As its name suggests, the preconception consultation is a consultation that a couple plans when they plan to start a pregnancy. This consultation can take place with the attending physician initially (who will refer him to a gynecologist if necessary), with a midwife or directly with the gynecologist.

When should this consultation take place?

If the patient is on contraception (pill, IUD, implant, etc.), the ideal is to consult before stopping or withdrawing the contraceptive. If there is no contraception in place, the ideal is 3-4 months before the start of the pregnancy tests.

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