he could even resign this summer!

he could even resign this summer!

Pope Francis is not well. We saw him recently in a wheelchair. The Sovereign Pontiff suffers from the knee. This is why he is canceling more and more outings, in particular this trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

Aged 85, he also suffers from the hip. Recently, he was seen moving around leaning heavily on two members of his bodyguard. In general, his schedule has been lightened.

Rumors, but…

According to rumors which are becoming more and more persistent, and according to information from the very serious Guardian, the Pope is even on the point of resigning. A resignation that could happen already this summer.

His predecessor, Benedict XVI, had resigned at the same age for the same reasons: declining health, difficulty in traveling… A Pope who resigns, that had not been seen since the 15th century!

From his real name Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis has always had health concerns. At the age of 20, a piece of lung was removed from him following a badly treated pneumonia. It is rumored that since then, the Argentinian has been fleeing hospitals like the plague…

The element that set fire to the powder was the surprise announcement of a consistory on August 27. These are usually held in November, sometimes in February or June. But never in August. A consistory? In the Roman Catholic Church, the consistory is a meeting of cardinals convened by the pope. Here, for Francis, it is an opportunity to appoint sixteen new cardinal electors in the event of a conclave, in other words… if a new pope had to be elected.

On the tomb of Celestine V

Note that it is only before a consistory that a Pope can present his resignation. “Tactically, it also allows him to push potential candidates for his succession to reveal themselves – which is quite possible given the political skill of the prelate”, analyzes for France 24 Arnaud Bédat, journalist specializing in the Vatican.

At the end of August, Pope Francis must go to Aquila to pray at the tomb of Pope Celestine V, the first Pope… to abdicate. Another sign! Moreover, Benedict XVI had done the same before resigning. Pope Francis would only be the 5th Pope in history to resign.


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