‘He was left for dead, they brutally attacked him and threw him off a cliff’ (photos)

‘He was left for dead, they brutally attacked him and threw him off a cliff’ (photos)

Friday evening, while enjoying his vacation with friends in Salou, Steen Nodwell was the victim of an outpouring of hatred. A violent attack on the 29-year-old dad who was chased by a group of men. If he comes out with serious injuries (fractured skull and broken arm), he knows that he narrowly escaped death.

“A gang of local men chased my brother and after brutally attacking him threw him off a cliff,” his sister Bethan says on the GoFundMe page she started to raise money to repatriate his brother in England. “”It was only out of sheer determination and courage that my brother, despite his life-threatening injuries, was able to get up and walk to ask for help. Without that, the family knows, Steen’s story could have ended much more tragically.

If Bethan speaks for his brother today, it is because he needs help. “Steen has two broken arms, one of which is an open fracture, a broken jaw, a fractured eye socket and skull, a broken cheekbone, internal injuries and much more…” It is easy to understand that Stee needs many surgical interventions. His family would like to repatriate him to England but this can only be done by land, the transfer by plane being impossible in view of the young man’s injuries. “The journey, of more than 18 hours, will have to be done by car. We need to raise funds to be able to find a suitable trip with medical assistance. »

This is why Bethan is moving heaven and earth to be able to finance the return of his brother so that he can be surrounded by his family in this very difficult moment.


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