Heat wave in Belgium: when will temperatures drop?

Heat wave in Belgium: when will temperatures drop?

For several days, meteorologists have been telling us about a big heat wave coming from Spain and Morocco. This phenomenon is notably called “Heat feather”. This heat wave will mainly affect Spain, France and a small part of northern Italy.

In Belgium, we expect up to 35° in certain regions of the country this Saturday. Even if we cannot really speak of a heat wave here: “Today we are around 22/23 degrees in the center, and we will increase as we go. We will exceed the 30 degree mark from Saturday, so we cannot speak of a heat wave “Even if the heat arrives, in the next few days, from Spain. Much warmer air will therefore accompany us until Sunday” explained Stephan van Bellinghen, weather presenter at RTL 13 on Tuesday.

On the other hand, the return to reality risks being brutal for Belgium. Indeed, after this rise in temperatures, thunderstorms and rains are notably announced from this Monday on the whole country. The watchword is therefore simple for this weekend: enjoy!

In France, this heat wave should also come to an end next week or even this Sunday. “The first signs of cooling should be perceived by the South-West where the situation will settle down with showers and thunderstorms expected over the Pyrenees”, announces BFMTV.

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